ecommerce development

5 Things to Consider During eCommerce Website Development

An E-commerce site in its simplest form can act as a pamphlet with a phone no. thus giving the customer an opportunity to know more about the product and buy it. In its complex form such types of sites can range all the way to a real time credit and processing site where customer can […]

marketing for gyms

Online Marketing for Gyms is the New Business!

Online marketing for gyms is a confusing world especially if you want to promote your fitness business online. Maybe you have decided to use messages or articles as marketing because you can write nicely or because you like to share your knowledge. Maybe you are good at making movies and photos and you have placed […]

mobile app developers

Mobile Developers vs Mobile Platforms

The connection between the mobile platform and the mobile app developers is more than important. Different mobile platform need different skill sets for developing apps. Despite the common creative – artistic parts of an app, there are not many similarities in the way one (the same) app is developed for android or for BlackBerry platform. […]

pool cleaning simi

Pool Cleaning Service in Simi

We Start by Using the Net on the Pool Surface and Pool Bottom We the scrub and brush the walls and steps. This includes any inset seating as well. Once the surfaces are free of any debris or algae we vacuum the pool and spa. Our professional pool cleaning Simi team recommends weekly cleaning, especially […]